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Control the phone's music player from the watch and the watch's timekeeping functions from the phone, and more.


The special G-SHOCK+ app must be installed on the supported iPhone and GALAXY.

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Music Control

Control your phone from the watch

You can assign play, pause, skip forward, skip back, volume control and other functions to watch buttons for remote control of your phone's music player from your watch. The title of the currently playing track is shown on the watch's display.

  • * Supported G-SHOCK Models: GB-6900B/GB-X6900B

Watch Settings

Control the watch from your phone

You can configure World Time City, alarm time, timer and other watch settings from your phone. Operation is quick and simple, and settings are immediately sent to the watch.

  • * Supported G-SHOCK Models: GB-6900B/GB-X6900B


Incoming Call Alert
Make sure you don' t miss any more important calls.

You are alerted of incoming calls by a watch tone and/or vibration.
Even if your phone is in your pocket or bag, you are alerted when something comes in, which helps make sure you never miss an important call.

  • * With an iPhone, caller information is not displayed.

Incoming Mail Alert
Instant notification of incoming mail

The watch lets you know when incoming mail is received. This is great for people who need to know as soon as messages are received.

  • * A Phone requires registration of a mail account with the special G-SHOCK+ app.

Facebook/Twitter/Weibo Alert
Enhance your Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo SNS experiences every more!

The watch performs an alert operation whenever a new Facebook message, or notification, a new Twitter @ tweet or timeline update, or new Weibo @Me Weibo content is received by the phone. This creates a new way to keep in touch with incoming information and further enhance your social networking experiences.

  • * Weibo is not supported by GALAXY S4.
  • * Alerts sent to the watch may overlap when Facebook and Twitter mail alerts occur at the same time.

Calendar Alert
Keep on top of your important appointments.

When the event notification date and time for a particular calendar event setting in the phone is reached, the watch will beep and/or vibrate to alert you. A great way to manage your appointments.

Reminder Alert
Reminder Memo Alert.

The watch beeps or vibrates to alert you to the content of an iPhone reminder. In addition to a date and time, you can also specify a location as the alert trigger.

  • * Supported by iPhone only.

Useful Functions

Phone Finder
Easily locate your phone.

Performing a button operation on the watch causes your phone to sound a tone, even if your phone is in silent mode or manner mode. This means you can quickly locate your phone even if it is in your bag, buried under paper on your desk, or anywhere else nearby.

Link Loss Alert
Alerts you when your phone is out of range of the watch.

The watch will beep or vibrate to alert you whenever the wireless link between the watch and phone is about to be lost. This feature alerts you when you do not have your phone with you when you leave your house or office.

Time Adjustment
Automatic adjustment of the watch time setting

The watch receives time information from the phone and automatically updates its own time settings accordingly. This feature is great for business or leisure world travellers who can rest assured their watch shows the correct time, without manual adjustment, whenever a different time zone is entered.

  • * The watch updates its time setting when the phone time setting is updated. Note that some telecommunications carriers may not provide automatic adjustment to local time.

Auto Reconnection
Eliminates troublesome manual operation.

Taking off your watch and keeping it still for a certain amount of time will cause it to enter a power saving mode and disable communication functions.
A switch in the watch detects the next time it is moved, triggering automatic reconnection with the phone and eliminating the need for manual reconnection.

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