Mark Ong, creator and designer of SBTG – a label known for its hand-painted customised sneakers and lifestyle merchandise, gained popularity after winning an online sneaker customisation contest in 2003.

Ong’s designs have captured the imagination of people all around the world, from loyal customers from his home base in Singapore, to famous fans including celebrities Kobe Bryant, Mike Shinoda and Joe Han.

Since his big break 15 years ago, Ong has gone on to partner numerous brands including Nike, Vans, Tiger Beer and DBS, all the while staying true to SBTG’s punk/militia aesthetic that’s heavily influenced by the designer’s passion for skate culture and punk rock.

This year, in celebration of 31 years of the DW-5600, as part of the ORIGINS campaign, SBTG has released a collaboration G-SHOCK watch. The timepiece, a clash of originals, is G-SHOCK’s absolute toughness meets SBTG’s iconic use of military green and a touch of its leopard camouflage pattern. The limited edition capsule collection also consists of a button-down shirt, cap and skate deck.

Take a closer look at the G-SHOCK x SBTG DW-5600 watch below:

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