• Terrestrial radio wave antenna
  • GPS satellite radio wave antenna

GPS satellite radio wave reception + Terrestrial radio wave reception

Two mutually complementary systems, GPS satellite signal reception and terrestrial (Multi Band 6) time-calibration signal reception, are mounted in a shock-resistant structure. Prompt analysis of current time and Daylight Saving Time data enables GRAVITYMASTER to display of the correct time all the time, anywhere in the world.

GPS satellite radio wave reception

Prompt display of the correct time worldwide

  • Reception of current location positioning and time data from GPS satellites
  • Time zone determination through automatic analysis of positioning information
  • Determination of the current location’s Daylight Saving Time status and auto matic display of the correct time

Original GPS algorithm

Map data dividing the entire globe into a grid comprising 500 m units is prepared based on the positioning information obtained and used to identify the watch’s current location with higher precision. Rapid setting of locational time differences is enabled, moreover, by grouping and analyzing areas that share the same time zone and Daylight Saving Time.

Terrestrial radio wave reception (Multi Band 6)

Reception of time-calibration signals and display of the correct time, even inside buildings in densely built-up districts

  • Time-calibration signal reception in Japan (2 transmission stations), North America, the UK, Germany and China
  • Radio wave reception inside buildings*
    *In the vicinity of windows and other locations with good reception
  • Energy-efficient reception available

Multi Band 6

Time-calibration signal reception from 6 transmission stations worldwide. Automatic time correction realized in Japan, North America, Europe and China.


Shock-resistant miniature antenna

A shock-resistant miniature antenna constructed of an amorphous material achieves high-sensitivity reception of time information carried by standard time radio wave. Tough enough for use during vigorous activities, it also realizes stable, reliable radio wave reception from all the world’s six transmission stations