GPS hybrid radio-controlled, solar-powered timekeeping

GPS hybrid  radio-controlled, 
solar-powered timekeeping*1

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  • *1 A watch operating system driven by Casio's original solar-charging system that uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to determine the current location anywhere on Earth, and corrects the time automatically by GPS signal or standard time radio wave reception.

A system that combines time  correction 
by either  GPS satellite signal 
or standard time radio wave  reception (Multiband 6) 
to achieve  accurate time display 
anywhere in the world.

GPS satellite signal reception
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GPS satellite signal reception

The GPS function enables the watch to acquire positioning and time-calibration data from GPS satellites. It analyzes the current time zone and Daylight Saving Time information and displays the correct time automatically.

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Standard time radio wave reception (Multiband 6)
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Standard time radio wave reception (Multiband 6)

Standard time radio waves are received by a tiny built-in antenna in Japan (Fukushima and Kyushu transmission stations), the United States, the UK, Germany and China, and the time is corrected automatically.

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Tough Solar

Tough Solar

Casio's proprietary solar-charging system converts light to ample power to operate multiple power-hungry functions.

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Hybrid radio wave reception system

GPS satellite signal + standard time radio wave (Multiband 6)

GPS satellite signals received in any time zone 
on Earth provide the correct time in the current location.
When GPS satellite signals are not available (indoors, during bad weather, etc.), 
standard time radio waves are received preferentially.
Driven by solar power, this hybrid system that selects 
between two types of time data waves depending on 
the usage environment enables more stable, reliable time information reception.
With this system, Casio has realized a proprietary high-performance 
time correction system offering all the convenience of 
the radio-controlled watch (including energy-efficient automatic 
nighttime radio wave reception and indoor reception), 
accompanied by universal GPS satellite time-calibration signal