ISO 200m Diving Water Resistance

The solid full-metal case capable of withstanding high water pressure is fitted with an exceptionally airtight screw-lock back to realize the water-resistance performance required for users to conduct various operations and display data at depths as far down as 80m. Its conformance to ISO-specified water-resistance standards facilitates support for professional divers’ underwater activities.

Depth Meter

The depth meter measures water depths in 10cm increments during dives as deep as 80m.
Its high-precision pressure sensor helps pro divers complete assignments deep underwater.

Digital Compass with Automatic Horizontal Correction

The compass senses inclinations of the watch and corrects angles up to 80 degrees. This enables it to take correct direction measurements, even in underwater conditions where maintaining a steady position is impossible. A bearing memory function is installed as well to store target directions.
Divers can travel straight in the intended direction in underwater environments with poor visibility.

Full-auto High-brightness Surface-emitting LED Light

The dial light is a high-brightness LED that illuminates the entire face uniformly. It exhibits excellent visibility under dark underwater and night-time conditions. A full auto function turns on the light with just a tilt of the wrist.

Tide Graph/Moon Data

Tidal information and the age of the moon are displayed. Since the best time for diving is when tidal movements are slow, divers find it helpful to know the timing of high and low tides.

Triple Sensor

A dedicated Triple Sensor tuned specifically to FROGMAN’s specifications is installed to help divers meet their professional requirements. Built-in miniature sensors take high-accuracy measurements of water depths, directions and water temperatures and display the results.
Various other diving functions are also installed to help divers determine safe, appropriate courses of action and to support them in conducting diving assignments under the most rigorous conditions.

Pressure sensor

Senses water pressure and measures the current depth.

Magnetic sensor

Senses geomagnetism and measures directions continuously for 60 seconds* with automatic horizontal correction.

* In Diving Mode, continuous measurement time is for 20 seconds.

Temperature sensor

Uses a temperature-sensitive semiconductor to measure air or water temperatures.

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