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FROGMAN has a new look for
the first time in seven years.
The secrets of the design, born of necessity for this new FROGMAN, are unveiled here.

The pioneer of G-SHOCK’s Master of G series, FROGMAN was conceived to continue challenging the limits. Heir to the spirit of that first G-SHOCK diver’s watch, the GWF-D1000 has polished its functional beauty to a new high level. It offers both tough specs and design quality professional divers can rely on.

Tough specs to withstand use
in harsh environments

FROGMAN is a watch that supports professional divers during the most arduous missions. Its reliability is more than a matter of functions. The GWF-D1000 is not only equipped with a shock-resistant structure, G-SHOCK’s core technology, but also with tough specifications that stand up to hard underwater use. Together, these provide all the strength divers require.

The tough specifications include scuba diving water resistance, for example. The case is constructed of highly rust-resistant stainless steel with an exceptionally airtight screw-lock case back and equipped with a 2.8 mm thick sapphire crystal that stands up to high water pressure. Each watch has passed a rigorous overall inspection for water-resistance performance and a test of its underwater button operation to confirm its compliance with the ISO 200 m water-resistance standard. The GWF-D1000’s suitability for use in diving is assured.

ISO standard 200m diving water-resistance testing apparatus

It is not uncommon, moreover, for watches to be struck by hard objects such as equipment or reefs during underwater operations. A DLC coating is consequently applied to the case and case back to strengthen their abrasion resistance and protect them from scratches and damage. A urethane cover is installed as well to guard the watch against direct impacts. Since the sapphire crystal is scratch resistant, moreover, it is prepared for hard underwater use without a special guard to protect the glass.

Stainless-steel case & urethane cover

28mm thick sapphire crystal

Nor has the strength of the band been neglected. A carbon-fiber sheet is inserted into the resin band material to create a resilient structure. The length of the band is extended, meanwhile, on the assumption that equipment such as a dry suit and gloves meeting cold-water specifications may be worn. Installation of a 2-hole clasp and metal band loop reduce anxiety concerning unintentional release of the band while in use.

Carbon-fiber insert band

The tough specifications cultivated by FROGMAN over the years were enhanced further by conducting development from the perspective of the GWF-D1000’s intended usage environment. With its new level of toughness, it can be trusted to challenge the limits tirelessly in completing its missions as a professional tool.

Reliable quality realized
through committed workmanship

While pursuing greater toughness, the development team remained committed to retaining FROGMAN’s identity dating back over two decades.

This identity is expressed most eloquently by the asymmetrical design. Adopted to prevent interference with the wrist during wear by offsetting the positioning of the band with respect to the case, this form is a legacy of the first-generation model. It evokes a dignified impression as an iconic symbol of the FROGMAN spirit.

The diving frog embellishing the case back is another familiar symbol for FROGMAN fans who know its history. The dramatic advances achieved by the sixth-generation GWF-D1000, developed to honor the significant contributions to our lives of professional divers, are accented by the addition of a diver’s helmet and flashlight to the frog’s equipment.

Asymmetrical design

Diving frog engraving on case back

The new FROGMAN’s manufacturing processing reflects this same attention to detail. Sallaz polishing is applied to the upper surface of the case, and a sapphire crystal is installed. Dedicated care is taken in everything from materials selection to the forge-casting of the atypically designed buttons, parts molding and final finishing to create the most perfect product possible. Every process, from the manufacture of individual parts and product assembly to the final full inspection of the watch’s water-resistance performance, is conducted at YAMAGATA CASIO, the mother factory of Casio watches, under uncompromising MADE IN JAPAN quality management.

Sallaz polishing

Large atypical button

The new FROGMAN GWF-D1000 is the product of the first full model change in seven years. In the future as in the past, it FROGMAN will maintain its proud identity as a genuine diver’s watch.