DLC-coated Stainless-steel Case

The metal case is coated with a hard amorphous carbon film comprising carbon and hydrogen to harden the surface and increase its abrasion resistance.

Asymmetrical Case Design

An asymmetrical case design has been adopted to avoid interference with the back of the hand. Frequently used buttons such as the mode button are arranged in large format on the left side to permit easy operation with the thumb.

Large Side Buttons

Large Side Buttons with a anti-slip coating are installed for more stable operation when wearing gloves.

Carbon-fiber Insert Band

Insertion of high tensile strength carbon-fiber into the resin band material protects the band against cuts and tears. The band can be lengthened for wear over a wet suit sleeve.

Sapphire Crystal

Installation of a clear, abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal assures clear viewing and improves the dial’s visibility undersea.

Screw Back with DLC Coating

An engraved diving frog with a helmet and dive light embellishes the stainless-steel case back.

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