MR-G MRG-G1000HT-1A 300 worldwide limited edition

Employed for centuries to conduct engraving on such metal products requiring robustness as armor and copperware,
this forging technique is used to imprint a hammered pattern on the bezel and band link surfaces.
The result is a solid outer surface texturing that exudes a beauty glow.

Conducted at the hands of skilled craftsmen, the hammering produces individualized pieces that display differing expressions from point to point.

Distinctive hammered surfaces infused with the spirit of craftsmen

Tsuiki metal hammering technique:
Embossing patterns on thin metal plates from the underside by hammer

Tsuiki Master Bihou Asano

Bihou Asano was born in 1943 into an old Kyoto family of Tsuiki metal hammering masters. In addition to pursuing creative activities under the name Heian Miyoshi III, he engages in the repair and reproduction of National Treasure metal artworks. While continuing to work in his inherited artistic tradition, he was pleased to collaborate in developing this product due to his appreciation of MR-G's vision of product manufacturing as an ongoing challenge.


Traditional metal coloring arts
producing a beautiful look

Oborogin muted silver and
Akagane copper coloring

The color scheme combines a lustrous Oborogin silver-gray 3D index with Akagane copper-colored front screws and crown. This combination of traditional colors passed down through the centuries contributes a profound beauty to the appearance.

MR-G 20th-anniversary
limited edition model

Metal plate and serial number

A metal plate attached to the side of the case commemorates the 20th anniversary of MR-G's launch. A serial number engraved on the back of the case certifies this model as a 300-item limited edition.

Toward a fusion of strength and precision

Keeping accurate time
around the world

GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor,
solar-powered timekeeping

Installed functions include a hybrid system that receives both GPS satellite time-calibration signals and standard time radio waves. Selective use of these two time sources depending on the usage environment enables the watch to display the correct time anywhere in the world, indoors or out, with Daylight Saving Time adjusted automatically. Tough Solar provides ample solar power to operate multiple energy-hungry functions.

Maintaining titanium's radiance over the long termLEARN MORE

Double hardening processing

Deep-hardening processing, which hardens the material's surface to four to five times that of pure titanium, is combined with a DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating, which involves surface deposition of a film with a hardness similar to that of diamonds, to produce a surface of lustrous beauty.

  • * Image shows MRG-G1000DC.

Convergence of shock resistance and operabilityLEARN MORE

  • * Image shows MRG-G1000DC.
Clad Guard Structure*1

The Clad Guard Structure increases shock resistance by integrating the crown, buttons and guard parts. It has also enabled downsizing of the case while installing advanced features such as GPS satellite time-calibration signal reception by eliminating the need for additional case parts. In addition, the crown's head cover is packed with αGEL®.*2 Shocks to the crown have been effectively alleviated.

  • *1 Patent pending, as of May 5, 2016
  • *2 αGEL® (Alpha GEL) is a registered trademark of Taika Corporation.

2-city simultaneous time displayLEARN MORE

Dual Dial World Time

This function provides access to the times in all the world's 40 time zones, and displays two different times simultaneously on the main dial and an inset dial. An automatic Daylight Saving Time setting function has reduced the time and effort required to make manual time adjustments.

Assuring visibility in the darkLEARN MORE

Super Illuminator
(high-brightness LED light)

Dial illumination is accomplished with a high-brightness LED.
It demonstrates high visibility at night, in bad weather and under other low-light conditions.

Other FeaturesLEARN MORE

Smart Access

This original Casio control system makes a balanced contribution to increased multifunctionality and enhanced operability of analog watches.


MULTI BAND 6 / Tough Solar / Auto Hand Home Position Correction / Hybrid Mount Construction


This product was manufactured on Yamagata CASIO's Premium Production Line, a line specializing in high-end products where advanced electronic technologies and skilled craftsmanship are combined to conduct product manufacturing of the highest quality.




300 worldwide limited edition

  • • Shock resistant
  • • 200m water resistance
  • • GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor
  • • Dual Dial World Time
  • • Smart Access
  • • Stopwatch
  • • Alarm
  • • Countdown timer
  • • Sapphire crystal with non-reflective coating
  • • Titanium case and band
  • • DLC coating
  • • Hammer tone finish
    (Bezel and middle pieces of the band)
  • • Deep-hardening processing