Absolute Toughness Absolute Accuracy

Connected Engine, Bluetooth x GPS x Wave Ceptor x Solar powered
  • * A function combining CASIO solar power-generation with location positioning, determined by GPS(Global Positioning System) and time synchronisation through reception of terrestrial radio waves.


Developed in response to pilots’ needs, this tough new model offers further improved accuracy, strength and practicality.
Enhancements include the adoption of a Triple G Resist structure to fortify the case and GPS radio-controlled, solar-powered timekeeping.
A Smartphone link function has been added, moreover, to assure acquisition of the precise time data required for aircraft operation and accurate time correction in every possible location and environment.
Extensive use of the carbon fiber material employed in airplane frames provides the tough performance needed to withstand the stresses stemming from altitude and speed encountered in cockpits.


Bluetooth®-equipped GPS Wave Ceptor

3-way Time Sync ++

Accurate timekeeping is assured by the installation of three advanced time-correction systems: terrestrial radio wave reception (Multi Band 6), GPS satellite signal reception and Bluetooth® transmission. The most appropriate system is selected automatically depending on the conditions, and the correct time is displayed for the current time zone anywhere in the world.








Shock-resistant, carbon fiber reinforced resin band structure

Fine resin parts (FRP) are installed at both ends of the band shaft and fixed with carbon FRP stoppers, strengthening the connections between case and band.

Fine resin frame

Tough fine resin is employed for the case’s frame.


This tough structure is designed to withstand three types of gravitational acceleration: external shocks, centrifugal gravity and vibrations.

Magnetic resistant
(ISO 764 standard-compliant)

A magnetic-resistant plate installed in the module prevents stoppage or shifting of the hands due to magnetic forces.

  • * Visuals are graphic images.

Carbon fiber insert band

The introduction of a fiber insert resin band.。

3D face design

A functional layout of phosphorescent 3D hour markers along with three inset dials and two windows gives the multi-layered dial excellent visibility.

Sapphire crystal

A high-transparency, abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal with a non-reflective coating is installed to ensure clear visibility.

Carbon fiber second hand

Use of a carbon fiber material with low specific gravity for the second hand made it possible to enlarge it while maintaining its impact resistance.

Dual disk displays

A second disk capable of displaying various functions such as the current mode and day of the week is installed in addition to the date display disk.

Super Illuminator
(High-brightness LED light)

The dial is illuminated by a high-brightness LED that ensures visibility in the dark.


A CASIO-original thin analog movement made possible by hybrid mounting protects against damage and enables auto home position correction that helps keep you on time all the time.


An electronic crown switch and the use of multiple motors combine to enable conflict-free simultaneous operation of multiple functions, and smooth switching between functions.

Latitude / longitude display

When GPS satellite signals are received, the current location’s latitude is displayed on an inset dial at 9 o'clock and the longitude in a window at 6 o'clock. The latitudes and longitudes of selected cities are also displayed when switching among World Time cities.

Direct UTC display

With the push of a button, the time display is switched to an inset dial at 6 o'clock and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is displayed in a window.

Shadow-dispersing solar panel

A shadow-dispersing solar panel realizes superior power-generation efficiency.

6-motor drive including 2 dual-coil motors

Six motors achieve nimble operation by driving the hands and disks independently. A disk at 6 o'clock and a disk in an inset dial are driven by two dual-coil motors, a system that enables original hand movements with speedier display times and varied hand movement speeds.


Developed exclusively for GRAVITYMASTER,
the app updates information of time zones and DST.

- Flight Log function [Smartphone App]

Time point memories are input by button operation (time stamp). Location information is obtained by simultaneous connection to the smartphone and the point is marked on the map. The Flight Log is useful for reviewing travel history, including the point of departure, interim and final destinations, and return destination.

- Automatic time adjustment*

- World Time for over 300 cities*

- Flight Log function

  • * Updating of internal data to reflect the latest time zone / daylight saving time information

Supported Phone Models
(As of February 2017)

Visit the CASIO website for the latest information.

  • iOS: iOS 10 or later
  • Android: Android 6.0 or later
    *Bluetooth installed smartphone only