GM-110 GWR-B1000HJ-1A


110RB Series

Marking the 10th anniversary of the GA-110 series,
an homage to the GA-110F-2 that debuted in the very first year.
Accomplishing further evolution with its metal exterior and gradations,
a new super-multi-colored model is born.



Rainbow IP Bezel

The metal bezel, with its mirror finish, has a rainbow IP process applied to it. A vibrant, multi-colored look is achieved with an intricate masking process.

Dial with Multi-Color Vapor Deposition

A vapor deposition process gives multi-colored hues to the hands, index, decorative parts and more. The LCD features two-tone color blocking.

Translucent Band

The band is crafted with translucent resin material giving an impression of gloss. With fluorescent hues of red, blue and yellow, the band presents a sense of varied material construction.


Gray IP Bezel

Mirror finishing is applied to the metal bezel. Its coloration is achieved with a gray IP process. Set off against the dial, the monotone finish of its exterior provides a nice contrast.

Rainbow Dial

A vapor deposition process gives rainbow hues to the dial’s Y-shaped part, dial ring and more. Subtle gradations reinforce the metallic look of the dial.