The MR-G and MUJAKU collaboration
exclusive conference

Celebrating 20 years since the release of the MR-G range:
The MR-G and MUJAKU collaboration exclusive conference held in HONG KONG on 8th December, 2016

On 8th December 2016, highlighting MRG-G1000HG-9A which is the new model of MR-G as commemoration of its 20th anniversary with 300 limited quantities worldwide, Casio Hong Kong team arranged an exclusive luncheon conference in collaboration with Japanese Sake “MUJAKU”* at Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong.
**MUJUKU is the exclusive Japanese Sake, made from Japanese rice “ISEHIKARI” and only 1,000 quantities worldwide.
Empathizing with the concept of “MUJAKU” having challenge sprits and pursuing the highest quality, Casio realized this collaboration.

The conference was aimed at honoring the Japanese heritage and craftsmanship behind the MR-G range, and same as Japanese Sake “MUJAKU”. There were an exclusive media and Prestigious watch specialists enjoyed a luncheon of fine food coupled with demonstrations of the tough luxury behind the MR-G and MUJUKU.

During the conference, Mr. Nakamura (Executive Vice President) gave the presentation of MR-G concept, about next BASELWORLD fair and thanksgiving to MUJAKU. Mr. Sugawa (Deputy General Manager) introduced product details of MRG-G1000HG. Akio Hara (Vice President of MUJAKU) and Ms.Ando (Miss SAKE) conveyed the story of MUJAKU in the presentation. And Mr. Ibe (Father of G-SHOCK) showed all the guests the impressive presentation about MR-G challenge story and proceeded his demonstration of how tough G-SHOCK is.

After these presentations, they cut the cover of sake- barrel, calls “Kagami Biraki”.

All the guests enjoyed checking the 20th anniversary limited edition MRG-G1000HG Tsuiki model as well as other MR-G flagship models in luxury and exclusive environment.