The MR-G anniversary event
held in HONG KONG
on 1stSeptember, 2016

Celebrating 20 years since the release of the MR-G range:
The MR-G anniversary event held in HONG KONG on 1stSeptember, 2016

On 1st September, the event arranged by Casio Hong Kong team for the celebration of MR-G 20th Anniversary was held at Oriental Watch*Central Flagship store in Hong Kong.
There were approximately 100 people from Hong Kong major media attending the event.

*Oriental Watch established in 1961 is one of the largest luxury & premium watch stores in Hong Kong.

The theme of the event was “MR-G 20th Anniversary celebration” and the aim of the event was to highlight the Limited edition “Tsuiki” MRG-G1000HT-1A with global limited production of 300pcs.

The event was organized into three parts.

The 1st part was media conference part, during which Mr. Yamashita (Senior General Manager) gave the presentation of MR-G concept & Mr. Ibe (Father of G-SHOCK) gave the impressive presentation of MR-G development story and proceeded his demonstration of how tough G-SHOCK is.
Following there were plenty of media’s interviews to Mr. Yamashita and Mr. Ibe regarding the business strategy of Casio as well as future direction of G-SHOCK.
Approx. 80 media /100 editors attended the conference.
LED wall with traditional Japanese dance during the event impressed all attendees.
Live feed posting of MR-G 20th anniversary press conference also arranged and shared via SNS to all G-SHOCK followers.

The 2nd part was the kick off ceremony of MR-G 20th anniversary with popular HK artists, Oriental watch management team and Casio attending in the spot light.

The 3rd part was the special part for VIP and thanks to Oriental watch's arrangement, over 100 VIP guests attended the evening event and celebrated the MRG 20th anniversary.
All the VIP guests enjoyed checking the 20th anniversary limited edition MRG-G1000HT Tsuiki model as well as other Casio flagship models. Photos with Mr. Ibe and Mr. Ibe’s autographs also increased all VIP guests' satisfaction with the event.