MR-G 20-year anniversary event
held in Taipei on August 9th, 2016

Celebrating 20 years since the release of the MR-G range:
MR-G 20-year anniversary event held in Taipei on August 9th, 2016

Taipei was chosen as the 4th in a line-up of cities across the globe to host an event celebrating 20 years since the global release of the MR-G range. The aim of this event was to introduce the Japanese heritage and craftsmanship behind the MR-G range, and so was held at the Japanese luxury restaurant, 三花日式料理(San Hua Ri Shi Liao Li), where unites Japanese traditional dishes and advanced technology. As the guest of this event, 29 people of 24 media are invited.

The event started with welcome-speech of Mr.Ogawa, president of Taiwan Casio.
With his speech in Chinese without interpreter and served Japanese luxury dishes, the atmosphere of the hall became friendly.

As the main dish of the event, the presentation of Mr.Izaki was held.
He has been involved in G-SHOCK product planning from 1991 and works as a manager of the product planning department now.

He made a presentation of MR-G 20 years' history and the newest technology introduced in MRG-G1000 series. He explained how MRG-G1000 enables its elegance, precision and absolute toughness at the same time.
As the main part of his presentation, he spoke about this year's top-end model, MRG-G1000HT “Tsuiki”. He explained why Japanese traditional technology “Tsuiki” is introduced in MRG-G1000HT by explaining how it is introduced in Japanese traditional and advanced culture.
Also he mentioned that in this restaurant, the chopstick rest with “Tsuiki” technology is prepared to all guests. While all guests were looking and touching it, he explained how this technology is also familiar and important to Japanese culture.

After this event, the media such as newspaper, magazine and website reported this event immediately. Not only MRG-G1000HT, but other MR-G range attracted public attention. MR-G's absolute toughness and united traditional and advanced Japanese technologies were recognized in all over Taiwan.

Hong Kong is next in line to host the next MR-G 20th anniversary events and this world wide event will reach the finale. G-Shock Premium's strong reputation for Absolute Toughness will continue to increase.