FASHION"It's About Time" 30th Anniversary Collaboration Watch VIDEO SUPRA + G-SHOCK

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the birth of the G-SHOCK, we are proud to announce the new GA-200SPR-1AJR model, created in collaboration with the elite US street footwear brand SUPRA. Both brands have continued to create revolutionary products, and have now come together to create an image video packed with dynamic visuals.

Realizing a special collaboration with SUPRA,
a brand originating in California and leader in skateboarding culture.

A collaboration with SUPRA, a brand extremely popular with young supporters of street casual wear, primarily skateboarders, and celebrities. A black base color with the time hands, in-dial hands and the back of the strap then colored a vivid red creates a unique and characteristic design. The crest and length of the strap also feature the SUPRA brand logo, and on the back of the watch the year 2013 is stylishly commemorated as "20:13".
Furthermore, giving full consideration to the potential for hard knocks in the skateboarding scene, the watch features a tough and resistant CODURA* strap.

* "CODURA® fabric" is a registered trademark of INVISTA Inc. , in regard to the tough and resistant material that they produce.

A skateboarder shoes and sneaker brand originating in California, USA. SUPRA got its start in 2006, centered around pro skateboarders such as Erik Ellington, Jim Greco and Tom Penny. Focused in skateboarding culture, the brand is loved by those in the street scene, DJs, artists and celebrities. The G-SHOCK contracted skateboarder Stevie Williams is also affiliated with SUPRA.

April release
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