I believe that evolution starts
         from people nearby you.

- Can you tell us about yourselves?

Larry: I'm Larry Bourgeois.

Laurent: And I'm Laurent Bourgeois. We're twins and we are from Paris. This is our hometown. We're called Les Twins and we're active as dancers and comedians. We're the youngest out of nine brothers and sisters.

- When did you begin to dance?

Larry: We became professionals at around 11 or 12, I think. I was still going to school, but Laurent started a little earlier than me.

Laurent: Mom wasn't very happy about us dancing. Especially as she was called in by the school. So I wanted make some money by dancing, to prove to my mother and my younger brother that we could make it doing what we wanted to do. After all, it's not easy to make money through dancing. We called ourselves Les Twins right from that time.

- What is it you like about dancing?

Laurent: It's more like I just can't not dance.

Larry: Yeah, it'd make me ill.

Laurent: No no it's the truth really. If I went a whole day without dancing, I'd start to get sick. I've gotta keep moving. We've never really taken a long holiday, but even if we do take a break we'd still end up dancing wherever we were, so why bother taking a holiday, right? (laughs)

Larry: That's right, it's like life itself.

Laurent: Yep, that's it. Life is dance.

- Will you do a tour in Japan as well?

Laurent: We toured Tokyo twice this summer. We were guests at dance events and appeared on TV.

Larry: I love Japan, especially Osaka, and Tokyo and Hiroshima as well.

- As G-SHOCK reaches its 30th anniversary, its key concept has always been toughness; what does toughness mean to you?

Larry: I think it's a fantastic thing. At a dance competition I was at recently, I almost broke my watch. But that sort of thing happens all the time, so I always carry a spare in my bag. Even if I break one I've still got a backup. But with G-SHOCK there wouldn't be any worries.

- The theme of our magazine this time is "evolution," so what does evolution signify for your dancing?

Laurent: Evolution, Les Twins, dancing, comedy ... I believe that evolution starts from people nearby you. What I mean is, if I'm surrounded by good people, then we also will end up being able to think about evolution. If I think about evolution from a personal level, it's my mum and my brothers and sisters, my family. I can enjoy dancing, and it also fuels me with ideas. That's an entirely natural thing, which for me sums up what evolution is. So I always think about the people that are around me.

- You mentioned you were inspired by anime and manga.

Laurent: Yes, definitely! It's an evolution of that into dance. I always watched Naruto. Like the sort of reaction you see when a car goes really fast down the road and almost seems like it's going to hit someone. That inspires me to see if I can do the same thing.

- What is your favorite anime?

Laurent: Naruto, I think. It's a story about ninjas fighting each other, and the storyline is really good too.

Larry: I think what I'd like the best would be a manga about Les Twins. (laughs) It's coming soon!

- Can you give a message for your fans?

Laurent: Grow up, blow up, be a star. For me, all the Japanese are artists. I saw things there I've never seen before, so many amazingly beautiful things, it was something I wanted to believe in so much, so wonderful. People learn from people, including myself. What I most want to say is, try your best, and if you have bad luck, change it. But working hard is the main thing.

Larry: About the hip-hop dance scene in Japan, before it was like everyone seemed to have the same style. If I saw someone dancing you could tell straight away that it was a Japanese style. It's like, "hey, you from Japan?" (laughs) But recently, though I don't know who's influenced them, I think it's changed a little. I want to see dance change more and more.

Les Twins is a duo of Larry and Laurent, identical twins. They're 23. They started dancing when they were still young, built up a name for themselves at street dance competitions all over the world, and were chosen as the main act for Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour in 2011. They have also taken part in tours by Beyonce. They are starting to diversify, making good use of their height to become campaign models for the Gaultier Collection, Benetton and H&M, plus appearing in viral movies for the Jay-Z. fashion brand of Rocawear and the New Era brand of hats.