G-SHOCK 35th Anniversary Message



My favorite G-SHOCK of all time is the ‘Redhead Pin-Up’ that is part of the Crazy Gangsters series. Cloaked in a heavy metal shell, the DW-8195 model channels a classic futuristic ‘Gundam’ vibe, flashing random slogans like ‘Party’, ‘Mega’ and ‘Rave’ when you engage the backlight. All the watches in this series are super cool, as are the ‘Slot Machines’ that spin just like Vegas slots – hitting the jackpot to bring up G-G-G never gets old! The juxtaposition of the industrial identity with such irreverent functionality is still baffling all these years later, but idiosyncrasies like these are a huge part of G-SHOCK’s timeless appeal.


From an industrial design perspective, G-SHOCK is a form of pure expression – these are tough watches for the toughest conditions! The obsession with details and sharp styling is also apparent in ever model. Quirky character emblems and abstract terminology have kept me intrigued over the years as well. I’m not sure anyone knows what ‘Crazy Gangsters’ means, but the lingua franca that has developed around G-SHOCK has always been mysterious and compelling as a collector. What Casio has been able to do with watch technology is crazy. Stuffing cameras, Bluetooth, MP3 players, heart monitors and GPS sensors into something small enough to fit on your wrist is amazing.


Happy birthday G-SHOCK! 35 years deep in the game and you still know what time it is!