G-SHOCK 35th Anniversary Message

プロゴルファー Pro Golfer 石川 遼 Ryo Ishikawa

Congratulations on selling over 100 million units of G-SHOCK.
I am always fighting while wearing one.
The wonderful part of G-SHOCK is that there is no worrying about breakage from impact while wearing it during various weather conditions and playing situations. It is always accurate, and has become an indispensable item for me.
There are also plenty of design choices, and I like the combination of wearing and enjoyment.
From now on, I hope that the rugged and stylish G-SHOCK will continue to spread throughout the world. I will also do my best to become a professional golfer known by people everywhere, just like G-SHOCK.

G-SHOCK 1億本突破おめでとうございます。