G-SHOCK 35th Anniversary Message

GRIND / PERK 編集長 Editor-in-chief of Grind and Perk 千葉 琢也 Takuya Chiba

When we were kids, my cousin always bragged about his Casio watch. It didn’t matter if you dropped it or threw it; it was the unbreakable, waterproof watch. The watch’s functions defied the conventions of its time, and planted a seed for my admiration of G-Shock. As G-Shock approaches its 35th anniversary, it has graced the wrists of over 100 million men.

Unbreakable. Tough. These remain eternal values for men the world round.

The Speed model embodies that straightforward spirit, and continues to be one of my everyday watches.



当時 G-SHOCKの“TOUGH” その精神を直球で感じさせてくれた通称SPEED MODELは今も自分のスタンダードウォッチのひとつです。