G-SHOCK 35th Anniversary Message

宝島社smart編集長 Editor-in-chief of smart from Takarajimasha 太田 智之 Tomoyuki Ota

Message regarding 100 million units sold

Congratulations on selling 100 million units! When I look back at my youth, I see that I went through many G-Shock models: Fisherman, Frogman, Mudman, and others. What I am really loving now is the N.HOOLYWOOD model of the DW-5600. Getting to 100 million is just a matter of getting there one by one, with the G-Shock watches bought my many people all accumulating to reach that total. It sounds a little silly to say it like that, but I really do think it’s a worthy accomplishment. Next it’s going to be 200 million! Congratulations.


100,000,000本突破、おめでとうございます! 我が青春時代を振り返ってみても、FISHER MAN、FROG MAN、MUD MANなどいろいろなG-SHOCKと過ごしてきました。最近は、DW-5600のN.HOOLYWOODモデルを愛用しています。これらの1本1本はもちろん、多くの皆さんのG-SHOCK1本1本が積み重なって、100,000,000本を突破したんだなぁ、と僭越ながらしみじみしてしまいました。次は200,000,000本突破ですね!おめでとうございます。

Message regarding the 35th anniversary

Congratulations on reaching your 35th anniversary!
Reaching 35 years is like being in the prime of your working life. This anniversary is a perfect fit for G-Shock. I think that kind of continuous history is really great. The weight of that history can be channeled into the realization of something new. Here’s hoping that G-Shock will continue to adorn and aid many people in the future!


35週年、おめでとうございます! 35歳というと、“一番タフで働き盛り”、なんてイメージでしょうか。まさにG-SHOCKにふさわしい周年ですね。続いていく歴史は素晴らしいと思います。その歴史を重みに変えて、新しい創造物が発表できるからです。これからも、人類の腕元を宜しくお願いいたします!