G-SHOCK 35th Anniversary Message

Oggi編集長 Editor-in-chief of Oggi 守屋 美穂 Miho Moriya

Message regarding 100 million units sold

Congratulations on selling 100 million units. To sell this many watches, we have to say that one reason is of course the enthusiastic support from men, but we can’t overlook the fact that women also find them very attractive to wear.
For instance, women might wear a G-Shock for a bold contrast with the neat style of a shirt and tight skirt. This simple choice displays a modern, nonchalant look that’s very cool.
So I hope that G-Shock will continue to be not only a watch for men, but an indispensable partner for women’s style as well.



Message regarding the 35th anniversary

Congratulations on reaching your 35th anniversary.
From what I’ve seen, men who are capable of getting work done like G-Shock.
At work, when I meet an active man who is light on his feet and considerate of others, I often catch myself checking to see what kind of watch he’s wearing. Great men like this are always wearing a G-Shock, and I think, “Well, it makes sense, doesn’t it?”