G-SHOCK 35th Anniversary Message

MotoGP Motorcycle Racer (Retired)
Producer of 56design and Team Director for 56RACING
Vice Chairman of the Road Racing Committee of the Motorcycle Federation of Japan
Shinya Nakano

What is it that you like about G-SHOCK watches?

G-SHOCK has been tough and reliable throughout my many competitions around the world.
Its design is a perfect match for racing, and I wear mine regularly, even for everyday use outside racing.



Do you have any comments on G-SHOCK achieving over 100 million units sold?

Congratulations on reaching 100 million!
G-SHOCK has helped me out numerous times in the world of racing, where every minute and second are contested. G-SHOCK is like a silent partner who is always with me. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next! And I’d really like to see a G-SHOCK designed around motorcycle riding!!