Eric Haze

It’s always an honor to design
the logo and identity for G-Shock’s
important anniversaries.

Working on the third consecrative design for the 35th anniversary, it was important to both Casio and I that there was a very strong continuity of style from the last two identities.
In order to be successful, there must be a balance between the sense of familiarity with the logo, while also presenting an evolution that is recognizably new at the same time.
There is always an element of readability that is very important to me too, understanding that style should not be at the expense of being understood.
Especially with a logo that will be applied in such a wide range of applications and sizes worldwide, including tone on tone engraving on the metal back of watches, it must still be legible at any size or color way.
I have always taken this very fundamental approach to logo design, and nowhere is it more important than with the G-Shock anniversaries.

The latest 35th anniversary logo would be my favorite of the three, I always try to bring that sense of excitement to any new design, though I will always have a special place for the 25th Anniversary being the first anniversary identity I was responsible for.
It’s hard to believe so much time has passed working together with Casio already, it is almost 20 years ago now since we released our first collaboration model G-Shock!


Eric Haze

A renowned graffiti artist, designer and
director based in New York. Eric began his
graffiti carrier under name of 'SE3' in the 70's
and later became a pioneer for graffiti. He has
also been involved in hip-hop and street
cultures and has more. Over the last 20 Eric
has concentrated on apparel and art direction.

35th Anniversary Models