User's Guide for Mobile Link Functions (for iPhone)

G-SHOCK+ app Overview

The G-SHOCK+ app runs in the background, serving as a bridge between the phone and watch.

Top Menu

The top menu of the G-SHOCK+ app has three types of buttons (a, b, c, below). Whether a button is displayed in the top menu depends on the current state of the phone.

a. Not paired with a watch (initial state)
b. Connected with the watch
c. Not connected with the watch
Button Phone State Description
a Tap to start pairing with the watch. See "To pair the watch with a phone".
General a,b,c Tap to configure the background and language settings of the G-SHOCK+ app, and to clear pairing information.
Go to help site a,b,c Tap to start up Safari and access the G-SHOCK+ app help site.
Go to
G-SHOCK site
a,b,c Tap to start up Safari and access the G-SHOCK site.
b Indicates whether the phone and watch are connected.
Settings b Tap to configure phone settings, such as what types of notifications should be sent to the watch, etc.
Link check b Tap to have the phone sound the watch tone in order to confirm that the phone and watch are connected. See "To check the connection from the phone".